Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Visitor - Classic Horror VN

~ Classic Horror ~
Interactive Story

PG-13! -- What was originally meant to be a B-grade Horror spoof turned into a full B-grade Horror Story. While writing it, the plot became way more complicated than I ever expected with two well-earned characters deaths (off-screen, of course,) a couple of vampire bites, and more than a few characters getting their lights punched out.

Don't click too fast with your mouse! You may miss something!

Fair Warning: The Commas and Periods look identical.
 -- (It's the font I used, and NO I will not change it. I like this font.)

Download from: MediaFire 300 MB!
or Download from Internet Archive
This visual novel contains 1,808 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 29,378 words,
for an average of 16.2 words per screen.
The game contains 13 menus.

4 Endings: 1 Happy, 2 Sad, and 1 Stupid.

Poor Count Bela Blasko has a few issues. 

In addition to his Dietary issues...

He has Family issues...

Which include a few eccentric uncles... 

Uncle Chaney...

Uncle Peter, Uncle Vincent, and Uncle Boris...

Plus three cousins staying over while suspended from school...

And two freeloading students working on a Science Project.

He also has nosy neighbors...

Very nosy neighbors...

 And Dating issues. 

Beyond that, he's a pretty normal guy -- for a vampire.

Old horror movie images from:
Dracula 1931
Frankenstein 1931
Phantom of the Opera 1925
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein 1943
The Raven 1963

Music by:
Zero Project
Ozzie Nielson Orchestra 1930-1940
Kevin MacLeod

Newly Upgraded with interactive Contents page!

I hope you enjoy playing it for laughs if nothing else.

Part 1
View the "Let's Play"


  1. This deserves a lot more comments. I liked the humor you put into it. Very clever and fun.

  2. Have you tried to do a much murkier version of Nosferatu? I would if I had the graphic artist and the musical genius beside me. It could be so much fun! XD

    1. 'Nostferatu' is actually a favorite of mine, and it would indeed lend itself wonderfully to a visual novel story! You'll have to explain what you mean by 'murkier' though.

      The biggest problem to making any game is creating the illustrations, or in my case, finding the right images to make into illustrations. 'Nosferatu' is a classic film -- even more so than Dracula. Finding images from 'Nosferatu' large enough, (at least 1100 tall,) and sharp enough to work with is extremely difficult. I've tried using screen captures from the movie, but the images come out blurry.

      To illustrate 'Nosferatu' properly, I might have to resort to drawing all the images myself which is Really time-consuming. I did so for one of my more recent games: "The Adventures of Prince Ivan'. It took over 6 months to complete because the characters took several weeks to create -- each. 'Nosferatu' has a fairly large cast. It would likely take me almost a year to do the whole story. I'm not so sure I can dedicate that much time to a free game.

  3. Can you have a list of the source of the music you used for TV?

    1. The source as in; Where I found my music?
      -- Zero Project has a website, as does Kevin MacLeod. As for Ozzie Nielson Orchestra, just Google it. Their songs are available all over the internet.

  4. Hi Ms. Hawke, I don't know if you'll see this comment, but this is the best. I've played through it about a million times, I especially liked Dwight, partially because Dwight Frye is my favorite horror actor of all time, and partially because he was so funny in this game. Reminds me of myself when I'm single. (Just kidding about that last part.) And thanks so much for including SuperPaul's Let's Play on your blog, he's amazing and I was delighted to find that he covered this.

    1. I'm thrilled you enjoyed my little game! I had a lot of fun making it. Of course I included SuperPaul's Let's Play, he really is amazing -- and thorough. It turned out that he likes the old classic horror films too.

      Thank you so much for playing,
      -- Morgan

  5. It's me again, I bring news this time. I get to go to a Dracula ballet at the local opera house, and I promise you I will be playing through The Visitor a lot in preparation :D