Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Adventures of Prince Ivan ~ Visual Novel

 The Adventures of Prince Ivan
A Russian Fairy Tale
~Visual Novel ~

Graphics & Story adaptation by
Morgan Hawke

Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested.

Download Version 2.0 from MediaFire
-- 263 MB --

Once upon a time in old Russia, a Tsar was having his Golden Apples stolen by a rather unusual thief.

 That's were the story began, but not at all where it ended.

In this story you will meet several different characters.

Tsar Vyslav and his three sons...

Prince Ivan and Princess Elena...

Baba Yaga, an inherited position.

 And the Great Gray Wolf.

Of course, along the way there are minor challenges...

--with minor consequences.


-- and setbacks.  

4 possible Endings.
However, certain 'decisions' tend to lead to the same ending.
Tip: Don't choose wisely. :)

Download Version 2.0 from MediaFire
-- 263 MB --
Graphics, Story, and Character Art by me.
Proofread and test-played by the brilliant AntiquedFae!

Image source: Wikimedia

Featuring art by several long dead Russian Masters.

Ivan Bilibin
Boris Zvorykin
Ivan Shishkin
Viktor Vasnetsov
Yefim Volkov

Also featuring the music of The Firebird Ballet 
written & Conducted by Igor Stravinsky!
Recorded in 1945

I hope you enjoy the story!


  1. This is amazing. Thank you so much. As expected, a male main character created by a female doesn't bug me; Ivan is likeable. Being a feminist, I liked Elena way better, though. Well, I guess it can't be helped, for she's just too much like me.

    You clearly enjoy making these games. I can tell, because they never bore me. I'm more like a fairytale-person; I adore fantasy, and am not exactly into erotic stuff, but I enjoyed them as well. Because, unlike many others, yours aren't ugly at all. The characters seem desperate for sex, which makes them cute. That ''Yaoi Story''... Haha!

    ''Full night had fallen by the time Dick headed for Mary's castle for dinner and a movie. She was cooking horse balls, his favorite. --- Apparently, just last night she'd dreamed about God fingering a snail. --- Dick sighed and shook his head. As it was, she had no clue about his rather nasty sexual fantasies involving Butt. --- One of these days he'd probably break down and spill his guts to Jesus. He wouldn't care. Jesus was pretty perverted himself. --- Dick snorted and yanked up his pants to cover his dick. ''Gimme a fucken break, man... You don't look anything like Dickman!'' ''I don't?'' ''Not even kind-of. You look more like...'' Dick narrowed his eyes ''Wait a second... Is that you God?'' God smiled sourly. ''Damn, you saw through my disguise.'' Dick rolled his eyes. ''Aren't you a little old to be doing cosplay?'' ''NEVER!'' --- ''You're not a God, you're a sadist!'' ''Oh, so you finally noticed?'' God smiled.''

    Uh oh, religious people are gonna hate me, but ''God'' makes it much more fun! Haha!

    1. Hi Artemisia,
      -- I'm thrilled you like Ivan and Elena. Personally, I like Elena better too. ;) 'Ivan' is the largest game I've made yet -- it took over 6 months! It was also my first attempt at drawing my own characters, so, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

      "You clearly enjoy making these games. I can tell, because they never bore me. "

      Best Compliment Ever!!! Thank you so much! Yes, I do indeed enjoy making them. I also try very hard to make the erotic stuff nice to look at as well as hot to read. I can't stand adult games that have stupid looking characters with bad dialogue as the only way to tell what's going on. That stuff makes me cringe.

      ''You're not a God, you're a sadist!''

      ROFLMAO! That's hysterical!
      -- Yaoi Story was my very first creation and I freely admit to making it specifically for laughs. Even so, I put a lot of work into the story. (The original version was created in pure HTML and it was only a few paragraphs long.) Would you believe that the hardest part of making that game was finding enough images to illustrate everything? That's the main reason why I haven't made a Male/Female version -- can't find enough of the right images to illustrate it.

      I am so glad you like my games. Thank you very much for playing them.

    2. Oh, I truly appreciate all your hard work. That's actually why I felt obliged to give my thanks. I really hate it when people aren't repaid for their efforts, you see. Yes, you may be enjoying the process of creating visual novels, but at the end, they're being made for people, and I think people should try to support those who give, by at least saying ''thanks''.

      Anyway, it's been a long time since I started enjoying visual novels, and you're one of those who have a great potential. After playing ''Ivan'', I thought to myself ''more people should know about this hidden little paradise'', and tried to find you on Lemmasoft... Well, I guess I was being an airhead again: Of course you're there, and of course you're appreciated by many! Haha!

      Also, I have to say, I've been thinking about making my own VN, and after seeing you enjoying the process in spite of many patience-destroying obstacles, I felt inspired. I have confidence in my abilities, but I've been feeling too worn-out to start a project. Thanks to you, I think I'll try. I'll do it before I die! Haha! My life is so unfortunate, you'd laugh. I feel like a warrior, who didn't get a single chance to express herself; so I want my VN to reflect me, my life, and more importantly, my dreams... Every character we create is a part of us. I can clearly see it. Baba Yaga, Ivan, Elena... They're really different, yet they share some certain similarities. That's why it makes perfect sense that they easily like each other; and I bet you didn't even try to make it look that way, it just happened naturally. This is all thanks to your inner balance. For example, I think Elena is the princess version of Baba Yaga. Even though Elena is much more naive, they're both foxy, fun-loving, haughty, strong, free-spirited, merciful, and helpful when needed. Neither of them take silly Ivan seriously, yet they both find him likeable and trustworthy. Well, trustworthy, but someone who tends to screw up... badly. Actually, I think Ivan kinda LIKES screwing up, what do you say? Haha! BTW, I find Baba Yaga's twistedness really fun. Elena should learn from her! Haha! You must be a free-spirited, energetic, fun-loving person, and that's exactly why your VNs are never-boring. I really want to create a VN that's full of my soul, but thanks to my absurdly unfortunate life, I'm a REALLY messed-up person. Well, good luck me! Haha!

      P.S. I'm really sorry I always talk too much! A bad habit of mine!