Saturday, February 16, 2013

What kind of Fiction should You Write?

What kind of Fiction should You write?
A Literary Quiz Game
Rated: PG 

Quiz & Graphics by me!

Ever wanted to know what Genre of Fiction
Your writing style suited best? 

In this game, there are 16 questions plus a bonus question in case you get a tie score, with 13 choices per question that add up to tell you which of the 13 genres your style of writing matches the closest. In addition, there are a pair of Scoring screens to show the results of your choices, and the strengths and weaknesses of your selections.

Consider this a writing tool to show you what areas you're good at, and which areas could use a bit more polish.

The game is short -- really short. It takes maybe 20 minutes to play and the graphics are fairly minimal. Even so, be prepared to click a lot.
Download from: MediaFire
(This is a Folder. Click on the file to download.
Once you unzip it, go into the folder and click on the .exe icon to activate.)
Version 5.0!

47 MB

Johann Strauss Waltz Medley
Played by the USAF Band

Preview on YouTube!

The Introduction:

There are 13 questions plus a Bonus Question if you get a tie score.
This is ONE of the questions.
As you can see, there are plenty of answers to choose from. 
Yes, I realize that the text is a little small.
With an 800x600 screen size, it had to be that small just to fit all of it on the page.
This is 1 out of 13 possible Results.

There's also a statistics page so you can see what you scored in the various genres.

 And an Additional Page that shows the strengths and weaknesses of your selections!  

In all honesty, this was an experiment, a test-drive if you will, for setting up the coding to use stat scores to gain a specific result. I just ended up actually making a fully functional Renpy game out of it.
Small as this game is, I hope you find it entertaining.

Interested in how I came up with the idea?
The Inspiration behind Fiction Quiz.

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  1. Hi Morgan! My name is Fabien and I am a French student in multimedia translation. I have to translate and localize an English game into French. I found yours and I really like it! Indeed, I would like to send you my translation once it's done. Would you be interested? If you are, you can send me an email at fbn.slr[AT] Best regards, Fabien