Saturday, April 28, 2012

Faery Tale

 Faery Tale
A Romantic Fantasy Visual Novel
Story & Graphics by Morgan Hawke

The faery tale the fair maiden ends up in depends entirely on your choices!
This is NOT a dating simulation game.

Faery Tales Featured
They are NOT true to the originals, by any means.

Red Riding Hood
The Nixie of the Millpond
The Red Shoes

Free to download. Free to distribute.

This is rated PG-16.
This contains NO adult content, but there is quite a bit of suggestive story content and a couple of nearly-nude female images.

748 screens of dialogue
19 Menus
12,753 words.
8 possible endings.

Download available from Mediafire
or Internet Archive
200 MB.
All art was photo-manipulated and rendered in Photoshop by me.


The Characters:
They are all name-able.
The Fair Maiden

The Fae
Yes, my Faery Tale actually has Faeries!

The Nixie - A fresh water sprite

The Prince

The Sorcerer

The Big Bad Wolf

I would be VERY interested in your opinions and critiques.


  1. Hi! How did you make the title box placed on the right side of the screen? :)

    1. Hi Rhea,
      -- Detailed instructions on how to position that NVL mode box in Renpy can be found on the LemmaSoft Forum, here:


  2. When I downloaded this game, it said it was corrupted :0

    1. How odd...
      -- I'm not getting that at all from my other downloaders.
      I do know that if your connection is slow, it may cut off the end of the download Unfinished downloads do get flagged as corrupted.