Saturday, April 28, 2012

Torrey & the Vampire

Hello my lovelies,
 -- This is the very first Visual Novel that I made myself!

Torrey & the Vampire
-- An Erotic Kinetic Novella --
Story & Graphics by Morgan Hawke
Powered by Ren'Py

Story: When Torrey's best friend insists that the gorgeous guy living in the upscale mansion is a Vampire, she simply had to go see for herself.
Content Warning: Ages 18+ for Soft-core Images and Explicit Text.
This is NOT yaoi!
A Visual (kinetic) Novel is a Story in the format of a Game. In other words, this is a Program that you download, install, and Play.

However, because this is a program --with an .exe file-- it may set off some peoples' virus protection. It's NOT a virus. (I coded the darned thing myself using the RenPy system. 

Download from MediaFire - 70mb
or Internet Archive
Windows ~Linux ~ Mac
(Extract/unzip file. Inside folder, click on the .exe icon to begin game.)

Screen Shots:

The Vampire:



1 comment:

  1. Hi, I just finished your game; it's so erotic! How I envy Torrey! >///<~ Though I can't stand a bit of her quite,, personality? >.<

    I really love their interactions; so very amusing! >o<

    By the way, when Jacob brought out the blades, it startled me quite a bit! As I can't think of any other of its usage, besides hurting, at that time, so, > <~

    And when Jacob asked Torrey to be his long-term lover, I can't help but immediately think about their life span differences. Then, a solution came to mind: Jacob made Torrey a Vampire, and everything will be solved! ^.^~ Thus, I believe Torrey's wish to become a vampire will definitely come true at the end~! ^ ^

    Thank you for making my day! Love this game very much! >///<~

    P.S. Ah, by the way, I found 5 typos, kindly refer here: