Thursday, April 9, 2015

2. Choice Matters -- Always.

10 Things You Should Know About:
Writing Interactive Fiction

2. The Results of your Player's Decisions should Matter -- Always.
DO something, SHOW something,
or Make something HAPPEN.

Interactive Fiction games, including the Visual Novel, may be "all about the Story," but what makes them Interactive are the opportunities to change that story through CHOICE. 

To put it very bluntly, no matter what you, the Creator, intend to accomplish by offering menus of Choices in your Interactive Fiction; statistic changes, scene changes, additional information, or clues... your Players make their selections specifically to make the Story they're reading change

While there are players who make selections with the intent to win, the greater bulk of those who play Interactive Fiction --Story-- games select their choices out of sheer Curiosity. In other words; just to see what will happen.

However, and more importantly-- 

--They expect their Curiosity
to be Rewarded.
Don't Disappoint Them! 

Make Each Option
Do something, Show something, 
or Make something Happen
at least Twice.

DO Something:
  • Change a Statistic; health, affection, luck, courage...etc.
  • Change a line of dialog appear later in the story.
  • Change which Ending will occur.
  • Change how the player's character acts or speaks.
  • Change how the other characters act around the player's character.

SHOW something:
  • Reveal an aspect of the Player's character.
  • Reveal a new aspect of an established character.
  • Reveal new information.
  • Reveal a new location.
  • Reveal a new aspect of the world.

Make something HAPPEN:
  • Trigger an encounter.
  • Trigger the appearance of a new character.
  • Trigger a behavioral change in a character.
  • Trigger an emotional reaction in a character; tears, laughter, disgust...
  • Trigger an attack.
(For best results, pick Two per choice: One each from Two different categories.)
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Reward your Players' Curiosity; make each option they select from your menus Count!

Ookami Kasumi 

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