Monday, January 19, 2015

The Walk a Psychological Game

The Walk
A Psychoanalysis Game
Created for the NaNoWinter Game Jam

Created by me.
Play-Tested & Proofread by the magnificent AntiquedFae

Download from MediaFire 77 mb (version 1.5)
updated 08/19/15

Have you ever wondered what was going on in your subconscious? Well, now you can, and without the ungodly exorbitant price tag of a professional shrink.

Welcome Test Subject!
-- Let's go for a walk through your subconscious with the help of a guided meditation of sorts. Using 'point and click' and what you write about we can examine all sorts of fun things that are going on inside your head.

For your convenience, what you select and write down is all recorded in a Journal that you can examine whenever you like. (Just remember to save -- often.)

When you're done, the system will tell you what it all means, and unlock the secrets of your mind!

Just keep in mind that it's all in good fun!

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