Saturday, May 25, 2013

The DEEP DARK - A Children's Story

A Children's Story -- kind of.

There is this big old house in the woods, and you get to explore it.

One Deep Dark night in November, back when I was in the third grade, my dad made up a story for my younger brother and I, about a Deep Dark house. This came about while my brother and I, sat in the back seat of the station wagon, waiting for my mother to come out of the mall. Oh, and just so you know, my dad is a diagnosed sociopath. :)

This is my rendition of the story my father has long since forgotten.

This is a fairly simple maze game. Once you see all the rooms, the last room becomes accessible and in it is a surprise.

Download from MediaFire 45 MB
Version 1.5 - to account for Font error.

Fair Warning!:
  • While there is a map, nothing is marked on it. :)
  • The room images are from all different angles so it's difficult to tell where you're going -- or where you've been.
  • Click on the Box to get the final, final scene.
The game contains:
933 words, 28 menus, 50 images, and 14 screens.
 -- Despite the short (and repetitive) word-count, the game takes a 'while' to go through.

Original images from "The Library of Congress - Online Archive."



  1. two things... the first a bit odd... this house is the very house that's been plaguing my dreams for decades... and it's not just the images (because they could be stock for all i know) but what you called it as well: "Deep Dark house"

    every time this house appears in my dream, i recognise it as one might would their own home... by sight, by smell, by some sort of vibrational familiarity... the essence of the location... i also recognise it as a dream when i'm there... as i've been there and pondered it so many times. i could probably sketch up a floorplan if i wanted...

    Anyway... i just found it remarkably bizarre... as i've seen a lot of houses... many even comparable... but this is the first time my instant reaction has been "That's the house!" yea... i'm playing the game. :)

    the second thing... a quick question... may i use those menu and text box borders for my game?

  2. Hey Adairia,
    -- This is an actual house in Norwalk, Connecticut. The images came from the 'The Library of Congress - Online Archive,' and are public domain. In case you'd like to visit the house, it has been fully renovated and is now operating as the Lockwood Matthews Mansion Museum.

    As for my graphics, I'd rather you didn't use them, as I made them myself and put more than a little effort into them. However, if you visit the LemmaSoft Forum and look in the Creative Commons sub-forum, you'll find a great many boxes and graphics you can freely use.