Saturday, December 27, 2014

Branching Methods for Romance VNs

"What are the different methods of branching a romantic visual novel / otome game?"
 -- Interested in Otome
 Branching Methods for
Romance Visual Novels 

There are many, many variations for VN storyline plotting, but these are some extremely basic breakdowns of the most common forms. Feel free to use or abuse as you like. 

The "Point Of View" storyline.  
Technically it's One story merely told from opposite points of view. This one isn't seen very often, but there are a few games that do this.  

The "One Romantic Interest (at a time)" storyline. 
This is most commonly found in the Pay to Play visual novels.  The opening story that introduces all of the Romantic Interests is usually offered for free, but to read about any particular interest means coughing up cash first.

The "Dating Frenzy" storyline.
In this one can play with more than one Romantic Interest. A point system decides how much a chosen Love Interest likes the main character, and whether or not they'll accept a date invitation.

The  "Choose Your Own Adventure" storyline.
Just for comparison. This type of storyline is used for simple Adventures and/or Mystery stories.

For those interested, the diagrams were created in FreePlane, a free mind-mapping program. It's what I use to plot out all my games.


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