Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Organizing Branching Story PLOTS

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Do you have any advice about organizing your dialogue and in-game menu choices as you write? I'm writing my dialogue and plot straight in Ren'Py, but my menu choices are multiplying like crazy. It's like a tree with branches that keeps on multiplying...
 When I'm writing a Visual Novel, I use a handy little freeware Mind-mapping program to outline all the major turning points and menu branches called:

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 All the bubbles are collapsible and it allows Jumps to any other bubble (the green arrows). This way you can have multiple branches jump to one result without needing to repeat yourself.

Even better, with this little program you can test-drive paths, menu choices, and results simply by clicking a bubble open, or clicking a green arrow to another bubble. If you've missed or forgotten something it's quickly obvious.

This program also has a spell-check, (you have to turn it on,) so you can write the entire thing out and copy-paste the text directly into Renpy. It also allows hyper-linking, file connection, and images so you can figure out exactly what your game will need before you even open Renpy.

I wouldn't have been able to make my game FaeryTale without it.


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