Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TRAP! A Modern Fantasy ~ Visual Novel


Do you believe in Faeries?

Short Story & Graphics by Morgan Hawke
From an Original Concept by Alex
Proofread & Play-Tested by the fabulous AntiquedFae!

Rated PG16
(Partial nudity & adult situations.)

Download from Internet Archive 104 MB
version 1.6

15 minutes of play, at most.

Dartmoor, England...
A land of misty desolate moors, towering craggy tors, ancient weathered standing stones--

--and Faeries.

It's a place where things aren't always what they seem.

Or where they seem.

Will you escape to tell the tale?
Or fall into the Trap!

A Music Room.
Selectable Player Character
Name-able Player Character
5,000+ words of Story.
23 menus.
Lots of mist.

View the "Let's Play" 


Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Adventures of Prince Ivan ~ Visual Novel

 The Adventures of Prince Ivan
A Russian Fairy Tale
~Visual Novel ~

Graphics & Story adaptation by
Morgan Hawke

Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested.

Download Version 2.0 from MediaFire
-- 263 MB --

Once upon a time in old Russia, a Tsar was having his Golden Apples stolen by a rather unusual thief.

 That's were the story began, but not at all where it ended.

In this story you will meet several different characters.

Tsar Vyslav and his three sons...

Prince Ivan and Princess Elena...

Baba Yaga, an inherited position.

 And the Great Gray Wolf.

Of course, along the way there are minor challenges...

--with minor consequences.


-- and setbacks.  

4 possible Endings.
However, certain 'decisions' tend to lead to the same ending.
Tip: Don't choose wisely. :)

Download Version 2.0 from MediaFire
-- 263 MB --
Graphics, Story, and Character Art by me.
Proofread and test-played by the brilliant AntiquedFae!

Image source: Wikimedia

Featuring art by several long dead Russian Masters.

Ivan Bilibin
Boris Zvorykin
Ivan Shishkin
Viktor Vasnetsov
Yefim Volkov

Also featuring the music of The Firebird Ballet 
written & Conducted by Igor Stravinsky!
Recorded in 1945

I hope you enjoy the story!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The STORY Generator - R16 / PG13

The Story Generator
Featuring Music by 
Epic Soul Factory
-- Version 1.4 --

Looking for a good idea for a story? The Story Generator is here to provide.

Two Versions!
Adult Language, Adult Situations, and Suggested Violence. 
(No Adult or Violent images.)
Download from MediaFire 71MB

Suggested Violence. 
(No Violent images.)
Download from MediaFire 71 MB 

By using over two dozen lists of randomly generated elements, in six different genre plot outlines, you can create an unlimited number of story ideas to use and abuse as you like. 

Anyone familiar with my Erotic Story Generator will immediately note the similarities, however this one is far more vast in scope.

4 Characters:
Lead, Companion, Trouble-Maker, Villain.
-- With a gender choice for each.

6 Worlds:
Fantasy, Historical, Contemporary, Futuristic, Sci-fi, and Anime.
-- This changes the image, the Music, and the type of Characters.

6 Genres:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gothic, Romance, Horror, Mystery.
-- Both Fantasy and Sci-Fi have sub-genres.
-- Each genre has its own plot-line, meaning: the whole story changes.
-- with Stories 6 to 8 pages long each.

7-8 Actions:
Romance, Violence, Suspense, Paranormal, Magic, Combat, Sports, and Smut! 
(Smut in R16 version only.)
-- What happens to the characters in addition to the story's plot actions.

3 Styles:
Comedy, Tragedy, or Drama.

Every selection triggers a massive list of Random elements. This means that even if you never change your selection choices, every single story generated will be different from the last.

As with my Erotic Generator, you can choose to generate a story with the same selections, a whole new one from scratch, or see the credits and go.

I once again, use a Bookmark style of Navigation. (Because I think it's cool.) Also, you may save as many of your favorite stories as you like. The number of save slots is Unlimited.

For fun, I also added a Music page.

The Story Generator is free to download AND free to use! Seriously, if the generator provides inspiration for your stories - USE IT! In fact, that's exactly why I made it, to help writers come up with plot-based story ideas.


  -- If you find a typo, or something that doesn't read right, please let me know. However to fix it, I'll need either a screen shot or the entire sentence to find the list it belongs in. -- Thankx!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The DEEP DARK - A Children's Story

A Children's Story -- kind of.

There is this big old house in the woods, and you get to explore it.

One Deep Dark night in November, back when I was in the third grade, my dad made up a story for my younger brother and I, about a Deep Dark house. This came about while my brother and I, sat in the back seat of the station wagon, waiting for my mother to come out of the mall. Oh, and just so you know, my dad is a diagnosed sociopath. :)

This is my rendition of the story my father has long since forgotten.

This is a fairly simple maze game. Once you see all the rooms, the last room becomes accessible and in it is a surprise.

Download from MediaFire 45 MB
Version 1.5 - to account for Font error.

Fair Warning!:
  • While there is a map, nothing is marked on it. :)
  • The room images are from all different angles so it's difficult to tell where you're going -- or where you've been.
  • Click on the Box to get the final, final scene.
The game contains:
933 words, 28 menus, 50 images, and 14 screens.
 -- Despite the short (and repetitive) word-count, the game takes a 'while' to go through.

Original images from "The Library of Congress - Online Archive."


The END of the Raven ~ A Kinetic Poem

"The END of the Raven"
by Edgar Allan Poe's Cat
A Kinetic Poem!

This poem is one of many from Henry Beard's "Poetry for Cats". That the poem was a published work was something I learned after I had copied the poem from the Internet and proudly displayed it on my refrigerator -- for almost 20 years. (If you'd like to buy a copy of the book for yourself, a link to Amazon is provided in the "About" section of the game.)

This is my tribute to a poetic Genius, and Mr Poe too.
-- In other words, it's a Fan work.

Download from MediaFire!

It's a short poem so it should take you 10 minutes, tops, to go through it all. 

Historical note: Mr Poe did indeed have a cat named Cattarina!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Inspiration behind Fiction Quiz

...A Quiz Game is an interesting premise to use a Visual Novel engine. What motivated you to do something like that?
 -- Renpy Game-maker

The original motivation to create this was to Test a different form of Game-Play.

I've been haunting the Fallen London online game by FailBetter Games, and pondering on how they set up such a Story-as-Game system, and wondering if it could be reproduced with the Ren'Py visual novel engine. By taking it apart and just looking at the pieces; (Story Nexus), it was pretty obvious that Yes, Ren'Py could do this, and Easily. Too easily in fact. It wouldn't even challenge Ren'Py's capabilities.

However, I didn't want to reproduce the Story Nexus style of story, I wanted to take their form of story-telling in a broader direction.

Keep in mind that I'm a Story-Teller FIRST, and a game-maker LAST.

To do this, I needed to know their Base Design; the Core Model that Story Nexus was using; their source of inspiration. What made them think of making a story-game this way? Why didn't they come up with something more like Ren'Py -- which, to me, is far more logical direction to take with a story.
Ren'Py = 
  • Story 
  • Individual Character Dialogue
  • Pictures 
  • Sound 
Game-Play = 
  • Story Options 
    • Point Flags. 
    • Condition Flags
This was clearly Not the model Story Nexus was using.
-- After a year of playing their games, and digging through their story-crafting essays, I figured out their formula.
StoryNexus = 
  • Loosely connected one paragraph Story-bits. 
  • No Character Dialogue
  • Very Limited Imagery
  • No sound
Game-Play =
  • Select from List of Individual Story-bits:
    • Condition Flag + Story-bit 
      • Repeat
      • Repeat
    • List of Optional Story Choices: 
      • Point Flag + Story Bit
        • Repeat
        • Repeat
    • Ending Story-bit + Condition Flag.
-- In other words...
StoryNexus =  
  • 1+1 = Chapter One, 
  • 2+2 = Chapter Two, 
  • 4+4 = Chapter Three, 
  • 8+8 = End
This pattern was hauntingly familiar. I had definitely seen this model before in a far simpler form, but where?

I quite literally, jerked awake from a dead sleep and sat up in bed with the answer. Quizilla.

Once upon a time, back before Quizilla was bought out by Nickelodeon, I even made my own Quizilla Game. This one, in fact: "What kind of Fiction should You Write?"

Quizilla's formula:
  • 1+1 = Results 1, 
  • 1+2 = Results 2, 
  • 1+3 = Results 3

Change this to....
  • 1+1 = Flag 1, 
  • 1+2 = Flag 2, 
  • 1+3 = Flag 3
-- and you have Story Nexus.

To test my theory, I took all my old research, updated and refined all those old questions and results, and plugged them into Ren'Py.

It Worked. In fact, it worked way better than the original game. With Ren'Py, I could layer on the flags; some as additive points, some as condition text, then add screens to show the results and totals of those flags.

This was something Quizilla wasn't capable of, but Story Nexus was. However, Story Nexus doesn't have the Music and Graphics capability that Ren'Py always had.

What all this boiled down to was a new way of Thinking in terms of Story as Game -- for me anyway.

And there you have it. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Falling - A Short VN

An Adversity Competition Visual Novel

Rated: PG
Back in Sept of 2012, Papillion held a VN writing competition. The idea was to use One character sprite, a set of backgrounds, and a set of music to create a story of no more than 10,000 words.

This was the prompt:
You lived an unexceptional life, until one night you saw what appeared to be a falling star. Tracking it to its landing spot, you found a young woman lying on the ground. This girl is not human, but a spirit... the spirit of disaster!
This was my entry.

6 possible Endings

Download from MediaFire.
-- This is a folder. Click on file to download.
60 MB
The game contains 500 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 7,904 words,
for an average of 15.8 words per screen.
The game contains 5 menus.

Since the use of the competition's sprite and the other assets were not allowed outside of the competition, the originals have been substituted for those I made. However, the two characters Don't Match in style. This is because I only had enough courage to make One semi-animated character, so please be gentle.

If you play it, I'd be very interested in your opinions.
-- Especially since I may never have the guts to make my own animated sprite again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What kind of Fiction should You Write?

What kind of Fiction should You write?
A Literary Quiz Game
Rated: PG 

Quiz & Graphics by me!

Ever wanted to know what Genre of Fiction
Your writing style suited best? 

In this game, there are 16 questions plus a bonus question in case you get a tie score, with 13 choices per question that add up to tell you which of the 13 genres your style of writing matches the closest. In addition, there are a pair of Scoring screens to show the results of your choices, and the strengths and weaknesses of your selections.

Consider this a writing tool to show you what areas you're good at, and which areas could use a bit more polish.

The game is short -- really short. It takes maybe 20 minutes to play and the graphics are fairly minimal. Even so, be prepared to click a lot.
Download from: MediaFire
(This is a Folder. Click on the file to download.
Once you unzip it, go into the folder and click on the .exe icon to activate.)
Version 5.0!

47 MB

Johann Strauss Waltz Medley
Played by the USAF Band

Preview on YouTube!

The Introduction:

There are 13 questions plus a Bonus Question if you get a tie score.
This is ONE of the questions.
As you can see, there are plenty of answers to choose from. 
Yes, I realize that the text is a little small.
With an 800x600 screen size, it had to be that small just to fit all of it on the page.
This is 1 out of 13 possible Results.

There's also a statistics page so you can see what you scored in the various genres.

 And an Additional Page that shows the strengths and weaknesses of your selections!  

In all honesty, this was an experiment, a test-drive if you will, for setting up the coding to use stat scores to gain a specific result. I just ended up actually making a fully functional Renpy game out of it.
Small as this game is, I hope you find it entertaining.

Interested in how I came up with the idea?
The Inspiration behind Fiction Quiz.