Thursday, July 18, 2013

The STORY Generator - R16 / PG13

The Story Generator
Featuring Music by 
Epic Soul Factory
-- Version 1.4 --

Looking for a good idea for a story? The Story Generator is here to provide.

Two Versions!
Adult Language, Adult Situations, and Suggested Violence. 
(No Adult or Violent images.)
Download from MediaFire 71MB

Suggested Violence. 
(No Violent images.)
Download from MediaFire 71 MB 

By using over two dozen lists of randomly generated elements, in six different genre plot outlines, you can create an unlimited number of story ideas to use and abuse as you like. 

Anyone familiar with my Erotic Story Generator will immediately note the similarities, however this one is far more vast in scope.

4 Characters:
Lead, Companion, Trouble-Maker, Villain.
-- With a gender choice for each.

6 Worlds:
Fantasy, Historical, Contemporary, Futuristic, Sci-fi, and Anime.
-- This changes the image, the Music, and the type of Characters.

6 Genres:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gothic, Romance, Horror, Mystery.
-- Both Fantasy and Sci-Fi have sub-genres.
-- Each genre has its own plot-line, meaning: the whole story changes.
-- with Stories 6 to 8 pages long each.

7-8 Actions:
Romance, Violence, Suspense, Paranormal, Magic, Combat, Sports, and Smut! 
(Smut in R16 version only.)
-- What happens to the characters in addition to the story's plot actions.

3 Styles:
Comedy, Tragedy, or Drama.

Every selection triggers a massive list of Random elements. This means that even if you never change your selection choices, every single story generated will be different from the last.

As with my Erotic Generator, you can choose to generate a story with the same selections, a whole new one from scratch, or see the credits and go.

I once again, use a Bookmark style of Navigation. (Because I think it's cool.) Also, you may save as many of your favorite stories as you like. The number of save slots is Unlimited.

For fun, I also added a Music page.

The Story Generator is free to download AND free to use! Seriously, if the generator provides inspiration for your stories - USE IT! In fact, that's exactly why I made it, to help writers come up with plot-based story ideas.


  -- If you find a typo, or something that doesn't read right, please let me know. However to fix it, I'll need either a screen shot or the entire sentence to find the list it belongs in. -- Thankx!